Welcome to College4Athletes

C4A is a firm that specializes in helping match student-athletes to colleges that are interested in them not only as an athlete, but also as a student. We help student-athletes and families navigate the challenges of finding the best colleges, and resources to help them get there.  We work with college sports programs in all divisions of the NCAA, from D1 to NAIA, to match student-athletes to the programs best suited for them.

As educators ourselves, we recognize that the majority of student-athletes do not continue on to professional sports careers, so we help students get the most out of the academic side of college while they continue to play their sport. Helping with study skills and other just-in-time trainings are ways that we help student-athletes become better, more focused students. We also help students with other aspects of what colleges and sports programs are looking for in terms of social media presence, fitness training and more. At C4A, we strive to help the whole student-athlete, not just the athlete.

We strive to take our understanding of each college’s athletic program, requirements, and culture, and match the best student-athletes to those needs. Our primary focus is to help student-athletes find a great college that will help them excel in their sport of choice, and earn a degree to propel them into the next phase of their life.  At C4A, we find student-athletes who are a good fit into your academic and athletic environments.