College Coaches

We work with student-athletes looking to not only further their athletic careers, but seeking a great college education. Our primary focus to help student-athletes find a great college/university in which to excel in their sport of choice, and to earn a degree that will propel them into the next phase of their life.

What can coaches expect from C4A?

We will never mass email you information about student-athletes and expect you to hunt through hundreds of profiles. Instead, we engage with you directly to understand your program, your needs, and the culture in your athletic department. Once we have specific students in mind, we will contact you with numbers and information about them and how they fit with your program.

We focus on three prongs with our student-athletes:

  1. Athletic ability.

We match athletes who fit into the structure of your program, and who show the ability to excel with the right coaching.

  1. Academic aptitude to excel at the college level.

We provide students with learning skills to guide them toward academic success while they’re still in high school so that they can excel at the college level.

  1. Personal and social responsibility.

We require every student-athlete in our program to complete our Social Media Awareness course. We know that each athlete is a reflection of your program, and we want to make sure that they represent your school in a positive light.

Are coaches able to see/meet the student-athletes you advocate for?

At least twice a year, we will hold fitness combines for you come and evaluate the athletes. This is not a sports specific combine, but a true fitness event. You will be able to review the underclassmen and follow their progress, and you will be able to speak with the upperclassmen. You will have access to the attending athletes’ profiles, including sport, academic information, and sports highlights. The combine is run by one of two founders who is a certified master trainer with more than 20 years’ experience working with athletes of all levels.

What does all this cost?

There is never a monetary cost to coaches who work with C4A. We do ask that when you first join our network that you schedule 20-30 minutes to share with us via telephone about your program, needs, etc.