Families & Athletes

C4A is a firm dedicated to the successful matching of student-athletes to college/university academic and athletic departments.  We are committed to helping you maximize your opportunities for a great college education while continuing your sports career.

What can student-athletes and parents expect from C4A?

We do not just mass email coaches on your behalf; we actively engage with coaches at division I, II and III schools to find as many options for you as possible. We advocate for student-athletes to coaches at schools that are a good fit.

We work with scholarship organizations to find as many potential scholarships, grants and other resources as possible to minimize the out-of-pocket fiscal impact of attending college. While you could handle this on your own, navigating through these resources can be confusing and unwieldy, so why not leave it to the professionals who focus on this each and every day?

One of the two co-founders of C4A has been a college level educator for over 15 years, and she is focused on helping student-athletes become better students. This is accomplished through many avenues, including quarterly live and online trainings on topics such as how to better study, effective note-taking, and insights into what college professors are really looking for in a student. Members can benefit from live and online SAT and ACT prep from an instructor that personally scored in the top 2% on the exam.

Every student-athlete must complete our online “Social Media Awareness” course, because college coaches are actively looking at potential athletes’ social media presence. How students present themselves publicly is crucial to acceptance into a program.

What year in school do we start our student-athlete in the program?

The simple answer is that the sooner we start to have students on coaches’ radars, the better.  Many parents join on behalf of their student-athlete during their sophomore year of high school. Not only does this afford more time to promote the student-athlete to colleges and coaches, but the more time we have to get your student focused and learning at their greatest potential, the higher they can get their GPA before graduation.

What does all this cost?

We charge a monthly membership fee of $79, and a one-time assessment and setup fee of $89. There are no long-term contracts. These fees get your student-athlete all the benefits described above.

Will my student-athlete be guaranteed a scholarship if we work with C4A?

There is no way we or anyone can make that guarantee, but what we can guarantee is that we will be consistent, transparent, and active in helping you find every opportunity at the division I, II, and III level of NCAA athletics. We focus as much, if not more, on finding the right academic fit alongside the athletic fit. We are advocates for your family, and pride ourselves on going above and beyond expectations.

How Do I sign my student/athlete up?

You will need to first go to our online store and register your student/athlete for our one-time assessment. Once that is completed you return to this page and click on the “Register Now” button below. This is where you submit all the pertinent information about your student/athlete.

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